Like many other gambling companies, Metropolitan Gaming operates a voluntary self-exclusion scheme intended to help individuals who believe they may be vulnerable to gambling harm and would benefit from a break. This break can be set for a minimum period of 12 months, or you could elect to make it permanent.

You can also self-exclude nationally from all casinos in the UK by asking to join the casino industry’s national self-exclusion scheme, SENSE (Self-Enrolment National Self-Exclusion).

is a voluntary scheme. It allows people who believe they have a problem with their gambling to exclude themselves nationally from all land-based casinos in the UK. The aim of the scheme is to enable customers to self-exclude in a simple, transparent way.


To exclude from all our UK casinos talk in confidence to a Safer Gambling Ambassador, or email us in confidence at providing your Met Card number and one of our Safer Gambling team will contact you.


Enrolment is quick and simple and can take place at any land-based casino.

If you do not wish to enrol on SENSE by visiting a casino premises in person you can download the enrolment form here, which must be printed, completed, and signed. It can then be scanned and emailed to or posted to SENSE, 1st Floor, 90 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1EU.

All enrolment forms must be accompanied by a recent photo, photographic proof of identification (a scan of driving licence or passport), and proof of address, such as a scan of a current bill.

You may also request to enrol in SENSE through GamCare, Gordon Moody and other accredited care service providers. Please note that none of these organisations is able to remove someone from SENSE. You have to do that in person at a casino.


Once a customer has asked to be excluded through the SENSE scheme, the customer’s information is shared with all casinos across the country and their details will be removed from all land-based casino marketing databases.

A full list of SENSE member casinos can be found here. An enrolment on SENSE will stay in place until the customer asks for the self-exclusion to be lifted. However, self-exclusion cannot be lifted within six months of enrolment.

Lifting a self-exclusion can only take place at a casino venue. Most casino operators have a policy of interviewing returning customers before they are allowed to gamble again, irrespective of which operator has removed them from the scheme.

When you enter any of our casinos after being removed from the SENSE database, you must speak to us BEFORE you begin to play. We believe it is important to have an interaction before you recommence gambling with us. If we establish that you have gambled without this interaction taking place, any winnings will be forfeited and any losses will not be reimbursed.

For more information about SENSE, please visit SENSE which covers the steps to enrolment, removal, and the SENSE terms and conditions.

Please be assured that no personal information will be shared with other operators apart from the basic details entered into the SENSE database at the time of registration (name, address, date of birth and a photo) to ensure that all operators can use it to exclude a customer from their casinos. SENSE does not share information with other organisations or financial institutions.

The primary responsibility for compliance with a SENSE agreement rests with you as the customer. However, if you refuse to enrol in the SENSE scheme against our advice, we will consider barring you if we feel you should not be gambling in our premises. This barring will not be shared with other casino customers or operators but will apply across all of our casinos.

It is important to understand that entering into SENSE has some consequences. By self-excluding you would not be able to enter any casino premises even if you only want to use the bars or restaurants with friends.

We will not send you any marketing material inviting you to gamble while you are self-excluded. Any funds that you held on deposit at the time of self-exclusion will be refunded to you.

Please be aware that it is ultimately your responsibility to uphold a self-exclusion but we will make every effort to stop you from entering and gambling in any of our casinos. If you gamble at any of our casinos while you are enrolled in SENSE, or while you have asked to be self-excluded from our casinos, or if we have excluded you because we believe you may be at risk from gambling harm, we will not be responsible for any losses you may incur and any winnings will be forfeited.

If you are not sure if you are eligible to play in any of our casinos, it is your responsibility to check with one of our employees on entry and before you gamble. If you fail to check and we later establish that you are not eligible to gamble we will not be responsible for any losses and any winnings will be forfeited.


After being removed from the SENSE database, if you enter any of our casinos you must speak to us BEFORE you begin to play. We believe it is important to have an interaction before you recommence gambling with us. If we establish that you have gambled without this interaction taking place, any winnings will be forfeited and any losses will not be reimbursed.

SENSE exclusion only applies to UK land-based casinos participating in the SENSE scheme. Other businesses offering gambling have their own schemes to help people who have problems with their gambling products.

You should therefore consider whether you should exclude yourself from any other gambling premises or websites where you play or bet, such as online or bookmakers. More information about other self exclusion schemes is provided by Gamcare.

You should also consider taking action to 'unfriend' and/or 'unfollow' yourself from any Facebook, X, or other social networking accounts that may be linked to gambling. These sites are not linked to our customer databases so we can’t prevent you from receiving or seeing any gaming-related messages.

We are committed to creating a culture of Safer Gambling within our casinos. We have appointed Safer Gambling Ambassadors across all our sites, in order to protect young and vulnerable people from being exploited by gambling, prevent underage gambling and increase support for the treatment of gambling harm.